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Collaborating for Success: The Future of RegTech with Deborah Young

9 Nov 2023 8:42 AM | Anonymous

In the latest episode of our FinTalk by VERMEG podcast, Deborah Young, CEO of the The RegTech Association, joins our host, Jawad Akhtar, to delve into the importance of trust and collaboration in the RegTech industry.

In this engaging conversation, key points of discussion include:

  • Deborah's Passion for RegTech: How RegTech fosters trust in financial institutions and other regulated industries.
  • The Power of Collaboration: The significance of cooperation among regulators, institutions, software vendors, and government within the RegTech ecosystem.
  • The Role of the RegTech Association: The Association's mission to improve communication and collaboration in the industry.
  • Regulation's Impact on Industry: The importance of regulators staying informed and open to technological advancements in RegTech.
  • Innovation in RegTech: The role of internal alignment in embracing innovation within institutions.
  • Cross-Sector Application of RegTech: The potential of RegTech to address various societal issues, such as digital identity.

Listen Online HERE

Join in this insightful conversation with Deborah Young about the role of trust, collaboration, and innovation in shaping the future of RegTech. Share and contribute your thoughts to this crucial dialogue.