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  • 19 Jul 2024 3:29 PM | Anonymous

    The Institute of Regulation (IoR) board today released some new research ‘Good regulation – getting the best from UK regulation for the benefit of the UK economy and society’.

    Based on the perceptions of over 150 regulatory professionals and experts, this research uncovered three shared opportunities to drive further improvement in UK regulation:

    1. Supporting the conditions for agility and innovation in regulation.

    2. Promoting consistency and coherence in legislative frameworks and regulatory mandates.

    3. Building trust in regulation.

    This new research report from the Institute of Regulation sets out three clear ways in which the UK regulatory system can respond to these shared opportunities:

    • UK regulators need to continue to innovate, moving forward and building a deep understanding of both the public and their interests, and the industries they regulate. Regulators need to continue to find new ways to minimise regulatory burdens, while promoting and securing the interests of those on whose behalf they regulate.

    • Government needs to continue to provide the right enabling support. Government sets the terms and conditions by which regulators regulate. Regulatory frameworks that are up-to-date and fit-for-purpose, and sufficient funding or the ability to raise proportionate fees are vital to high quality regulation.

    • Parliament, the Institute of Regulation and others can build growing trust in regulators and regulation. Mutual trust matters. Regulation and regulators are more effective and efficient in an environment of transparency, candour and mutual trust. We all need to work together to build trust in regulation.

    The research also found a number of perceived areas of strength, of which UK regulators are proud, these include:

    • UK regulators have a deep understanding of the sectors they regulate and value the strong relationship with those sectors. This enables them to achieve high quality outcomes for users, consumers and industries.

    • UK regulators operate with the highest standards of integrity and ethics, drawing intelligently on evidence and research.

    • UK regulators are pragmatic, alert to emerging challenges such as AI and proactive in working together to meet them.     

    Chair of the Institute of Regulation, Marcial Boo, said:

     ‘Good regulation is important for the UK. It enables businesses to thrive and innovate and public services to be well run and improve. By creating a level playing field, preventing harm and unfairness with as few unnecessary constraints as possible, regulators not only protect consumers and service users, but enable responsible UK businesses to compete and grow without being undercut by unregulated cowboys. Good regulation is a public good from which everyone benefits.  

    Improving regulation is also a cost-effective way to stimulate economic growth and improve public services. Good regulatory regimes give business confidence that they can invest and build public trust in the goods and services they receive.

    The Institute of Regulation, the sector's professional body, has drawn on the views of its members to set out what good regulation looks like: as few burdens as possible, a focus on improvement, proportionate interventions when necessary, and the public interest at its heart. 

    The Institute will continue to support the sector to improve, and, with its members, work with the incoming UK government to bring benefit to the economy and public services by helping regulators to make their regulatory regimes as efficient and effective as possible.’

    Research lead, Will Taylor, said:

    ‘It’s been a great pleasure to undertake this research and to hear from such a broad range of impressive regulators in the UK. This paper draws together those insights into some key opportunities, but there is so much more to learn from each other. I’m looking forward to working with the Institute of Regulation to develop the conversation on how we can make the most of regulation in the UK.’

    Researcher, Matthew Purves, said:

    ‘Carrying out this work, I’ve been struck by how much knowledge, strength and experience there is in the network of UK regulators that the Institute of Regulation draws together. We face many common challenges and opportunities. I am excited about how, working together, regulators can share solutions to problems, innovate and support UK growth.’

    Good regulation – getting the best from UK regulation for the benefit of the UK economy and society

    Who is the Institute of Regulation?
    Institution of Regulation (IoR) is a membership organisation. We’re a professional network, providing professional development in regulation and promoting good practice in regulation. We believe good regulation is essential for a thriving economy and society. We aspire to become the home of good regulation.

     Institution of Regulation (IoR) established as a membership organisation in 2021.

    Today we’re a thriving professional and expert community:

    • over 550 regulatory experts in our membership network

    • over 35 corporate members, regulators based in the UK and Channel Islands

    • over 150 individual members

    • a rapidly growing network of affiliate members from business and third sector organisations

    Institute of Regulation grew from an informal network of non-financial regulators, who began meeting in 2019. We are a charitable not-for-profit company, registered with Companies House (13628098) and are currently applying to the Charity Commission for charitable status.

    For further information, please contact or Louisa Dale,

  • 17 Jul 2024 2:24 PM | Anonymous

    Arctic Intelligence, a leading provider of innovative solutions for enterprise-wide financial crime risk assessment, proudly announces its referral partnership with Jade ThirdEye. This collaboration enables customers to benefit from Arctic Intelligence’s AML Accelerate Platform and Risk Assessment Platform solutions, which complement Jade ThirdEye's software, creating a comprehensive solution for financial crime risk management.

    Arctic Intelligence and Jade ThirdEye work together to bring best in class technologies to our respective customer and partner bases. Arctic Intelligence’s risk assessment platforms help regulated businesses to identify and assess their risks and vulnerabilities offering a clear view of potential threats. Building on this foundation, Jade ThirdEye's software equips organisations with the tools needed to effectively manage and mitigate identified customer and transaction related risks. This complementary approach ensures that organisations are not only aware of their risk landscape but are also empowered to take proactive measures to safeguard against financial crime.

    Arctic Intelligence offers a range of solutions designed to help regulated businesses, regardless of their size, industry sector, or geography, identify, assess, mitigate, and manage financial crime risks. Their AML Accelerate Platform guides small and medium-sized businesses in conducting money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessments. Their Risk Assessment Platform, tailored for larger enterprises and consultants, provides the flexibility to customise methodologies and risk and control models.

    By automating the end-to-end workflow of transaction monitoring, customer screening, case management, and regulatory reporting, Jade ThirdEye enables organisations to efficiently meet their compliance obligations. This comprehensive functionality ensures that organisations can proactively manage their compliance requirements and effectively mitigate risks identified through Arctic Intelligence’s risk assessments.

    "We are thrilled to partner with Arctic Intelligence," said Mike Rae, Head of Growth of Jade ThirdEye. "Their expertise in risk and financial crime risk assessments complements our technology perfectly and is a key element for customers before they look to create operational efficiencies through Jade ThirdEye AML automation. Together in partnership we will offer wider compliance capabilities to our clients."

    "We are excited to join forces with Jade ThirdEye," said Anthony Quinn, CEO & Founder of Arctic Intelligence. "This partnership leverages the strengths of both companies, providing us the opportunity to introduce our clients to other innovative RegTech providers. Together, we are enhancing the compliance landscape, making it smarter and more efficient."


    About Arctic Intelligence

    Arctic Intelligence is a multi-award-winning regulatory technology (RegTech) business that specialises in audit, risk and compliance software related to financial crime compliance and risk management. 

    Our platforms are designed to help regulated businesses regardless of their size, industry sector or geography to identify, assess, mitigate and manage financial crime risks.

    Our AML Accelerate Platform was designed to guide small and medium-sized businesses in over 30 financial and non-financial industry sectors and over 50 countries to easily conduct money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessments, while enabling the evaluation of the design and operation effectiveness of their controls, facilitating the creation of effective AML/CTF Program/Policy.

    Our Risk Assessment Platform was designed primarily for larger enterprises, as well as the consultants that assist them, by offering the flexibility to customise methodologies and risk and control models.  We help organisations to seamlessly transition from manual spreadsheet-based approaches through digitisation, and support them on their journey towards fully automating business-wide financial crime risk assessments. Our subject matter experts have developed a suite of financial crime and non-financial crime risk domains, containing hundreds of risk indicators and corresponding controls or you can bring your own.

    We’ve helped hundreds of companies strengthen their defences against financial crime and our innovative team has been widely recognised as thought leaders in this space.

    Compliance. The smart way.



    About Jade ThirdEye

    Jade ThirdEye is a secure SaaS AML software that enables organisations to efficiently meet their compliance obligations through automating the end-to-end workflow of transaction monitoring, customer screening, case management, and regulatory reporting. With offices based in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, they support reporting entities across industries around the globe for over a decade, and are deeply committed to providing a first-class AML solution. For more information, please visit

    Jade ThirdEye was developed by Jade Software, a development house with over 40 years of expertise. Jade's operating divisions work collaboratively to design, build, test, deliver and support smart technology solutions for our customers around the world. Jade is part of the Skipton Group, that includes Skipton Building Society, Skipton International, Connells Group and Skipton Business Finance, enabling global collaboration alongside local expertise and support. For more information, please visit

  • 16 Jul 2024 1:55 PM | Anonymous

    Expression of interest to join the Fintech and Cyber Security MISSION 2024 to INDIA!

    Australian Government is proposing a dual stream mission (Fintech & Cyber Security) from the 26th –30th August. Both Fintech & Cyber Security Companies will benefit from this mission. 

    It is centred around the Global Fintech Fest (28th – 30th Aug). The Global Fintech Fest (GFF) is one of the largest fintech conferences, organized annually by the  Payments Council of India (PCI), the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), and the Fintech Convergence Council (FCC). Global Fintech Fest 2024: The Premier Fintech Event of the Year  

    We invite your participation to embark on this journey to gain a better understanding of the Indian Fintech and Cyber Security market, engaging with private and government stakeholders shaping the sector, building partnerships, and diversifying their markets and lastly but not the least, experiencing the rich tapestry of Indian culture. The registration closes on 20th July.

    Register Here

    Benefits for the companies participating at Fintech & Cyber Mission 2024 include:

    • Join a curated program of events before and after the fest to build understanding about and connections into the Indian market  
    • Use the Australian pavilion as a home base during the fest and utilise this area to connect with potential partners and customers  
    • Attend an Australian country session/roundtable that will showcase Australian sector capabilities  
    • Speaking opportunities for selected companies to showcase the upcoming Fintech & Cyber Security capabilities of Australia  
    • Network with possible partners/stakeholders and customers for client servicing in the market  
    • Benefit from B2B match making to potential customers and partners  
    • Understand the Indian regulations and policies in Fintech & Cyber Security  

    There will be a fee package ranging between A$1000 to be part of the official business program. This fee covers one representative from each company and includes one delegate pass for the Global Fintech Fest 2024.

    Contact us:
    Nandini Saxena -
    Neeraja Rao -

  • 11 Jul 2024 9:27 AM | Anonymous

    Recordsure is proud to launch its new AI meeting notes solution, which is available free of charge to all Recordsure clients. This new feature allows financial services firms to turn their client conversations into compliant, actionable summaries – all achievable 80% faster than traditional manual admin methods allow. To celebrate this milestone, Recordsure is also releasing open-source AI meeting code for Microsoft Azure OpenAI to everyone for free, levelling the GenAI meeting notes playing field.

    The financial advice industry has been subject to intense scrutiny from clients and regulators, with firms under increased pressure to deliver advice with greater transparency.

    Recordsure AI solutions play a major part in helping advice firms to record client conversations and evidence advice in a compliant manner – whilst providing tools to improve productivity and speed up client admin processes.

    With Recordsure AI meeting notes, firms can now increase their operational efficiencies and create meeting summaries 80% faster, freeing up valuable time for advisers to spend with clients.

    Recordsure AI meeting notes

    The new, free Recordsure AI meeting notes solution significantly reduces the time advisers need to spend on admin tasks, increasing a firm's profitability without scaling up the team.

    By eliminating the need to write notes in meetings, Recordsure AI reduces post-meeting admin tasks for the adviser and paraplanner. It seamlessly integrates with practice management systems and helps firms create well-structured, standardised meeting summaries with superior consistency and accuracy.

    AI meeting notes must be validated by a human if used for decision-making and evidence

    Since the introduction of GPT-based large language models (LLMs) two years ago, a significant number of AI-generated meeting note solutions have been introduced to the market, with various levels of output potential and ‘future’ capabilities.

    If an advice firm wants to use AI-generated meeting notes for decision-making or as evidence, the meeting notes have to be validated by a human (an adviser or a paraplanner).

    Yet many of the GenAI meeting notes solutions currently available leave advice firms with incomplete, inaccurate meeting summaries – and outputs unsuitable for use in client advice.

    What’s more, firms are left out of pocket, while the current cost price to generate an industry-specific, topic-separated meeting note with the secure OpenAI GPT models hosted on Microsoft Azure, is only about 1.6p (GBP) or 2¢ (USD) per hour of transcript.

    That’s why Recordsure is making AI meeting notes accessible to all for free.

    Recordsure AI meeting notes, free to all clients

    Recordsure AI meeting note generation is now included within Recordsure’s Capture solution for recording face-to-face and online conversations, bundled for free with conversation transcripts.

    Clients that are using Recordsure’s more advanced ConversationAI tools get higher quality outputs and sophisticated solutions to efficiently verify meeting notes – turning client conversations into compliant, actionable summaries, suitable for decision-making – again, at no extra cost.

    Recordsure’s ready-to-use AI technology is rapid to deploy and offers seamless integration with Practice Management Systems​. Recordsure has over 12 years of experience with AI, established with advice firms, tier 1 banks and the UK government. 

    Open-source AI meeting code, free to all firms

    Recordsure released its open-source AI meeting code for Microsoft Azure OpenAI to everyone, to allow firms to experiment with generating AI meeting summaries and explore the abilities and drawbacks of unvalidated GenAI meeting notes tools for free.

    For full disclosure and transparency, the AI meeting generator code provided (as should any GPT-based AI meeting note products from any vendor) comes with the disclaimer that a human must verify the output before relying on its content for customer or advice action. This is in line with the Recordsure Responsible AI policy,the UK GDPR and the EU AI Act policies.

    Recordsure’s open-source code for GPT-based AI meeting notes is available on Github(

    For more information about Recordsure AI meeting notes, view here.


    For more information about GPT-based summaries and AI technology, view our article The 2¢ AI Summary Meeting Note, here.




    Recordsure’s AI solutions, built on industry-leading expertise, have been designed to help firms drive new, improved operational efficiencies, embed processes, and strengthen compliance. Recordsure AI allows firms to identify and address risks to ultimately prevent consumer harm, improve customer care, and deliver better customer outcomes. Comprising of unique conversation and document analytics solutions,​ Recordsure AI captures, reviews, and analyses ​client interactions, whilst using the most advanced AI for authoritative, trustworthy outcomes. The proprietary AI was developed by industry experts with a deep understanding of AI and machine learning technologies and has been evolving for over a decade, embracing client input and technological advances. Recordsure AI is a proven, ready-to-use AI technology focused on rapid client deployment – backed by 12 years of experience delivering AI solutions to advice firms, tier 1 banks and the UK Government.​ 

    Contact: Hana Shackleton, Head of Marketing, 

  • 8 Jul 2024 2:10 PM | Anonymous

    Reinvigorating the Australian Cyber Security Market: Following a successful 10 years of growth, Infotrust launches new branding as Australia's Leading Managed Cyber Security Services Provider which incorporates the 10+ years of experience that Intalock brings to the Australian market. With over 650 customers and $75m revenue across mid-market and enterprise, the freshly launched Infotrust will pursue growth opportunities within both public and private sectors, offering a complete suite of cyber security products, services, and solutions.

    Sydney, Australia – [Monday, 1st July 2024] – In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and relentless, Australian businesses demand unparalleled protection to safeguard their digital assets. Enter Infotrust, an agile Managed Cyber Security Service Provider poised to transform the cyber security landscape with its cutting-edge Security Operations Centre (SOC) and a team of over 110 seasoned experts, with a history of protecting a customer portfolio with combined revenues in excess of AUD $21 billion dollars per annum.

    The launch is the result of the 2024 merger of Intalock and InfoTrust and the culmination of a long-range strategic plan to provide Australia’s premier cyber security services. InfoTrust was acquired by Spirit Technologies to merge into its cyber security division to form a new business. The scope and positioning are to enhance this dynamic industry by providing unparalleled sovereign security capability that support organisations’ securely deliver their digital transformation goals.

    Why Infotrust Stands Out:

    Expertise and Experience: Infotrust boasts a formidable team of cybersecurity professionals with decades of experience in securing some of Australia's largest enterprises. Its experts have a deep understanding of the unique threats faced by Australian businesses and are adept at devising robust security strategies with specific focus of Offensive Security and Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC).

    Comprehensive Security Solutions: As an agile cyber security provider, we have significantly enhanced Australia’s sovereign capability and expertise through our world-leading SOC, based in Australia. Infotrust SOC operates 24/7 to provide continuous monitoring, threat detection, and incident response. It leverages advanced technologies and methodologies to ensure our customer's digital environments are resistant to attack.

    Proven Track Record: With a history of protecting a customer portfolio with combined revenues in excess of AUD $21 billion dollars per annum, Infotrust has a proven track record of delivering exceptional security outcomes. This customer list includes some of the biggest and most trusted Australian brands who have been loyal customers for years and rely on us to protect their critical assets and reputations amid uncertain times and emerging threats.

    Commitment to Innovation: Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and so are we. Infotrust is committed to staying ahead of the curve through continuous innovation and investment in the latest cyber security technologies and practices including AI and automation tools and solutions.

    Local Presence, Global Standards: As a homegrown Australian company, we understand the local market and regulatory requirements. Our services are tailored to meet these needs while adhering to global cyber security standards, providing our customers with the best of both worlds.

    What We Offer:

    24/7 Monitoring and Threat Detection: Our SOC provides real-time surveillance of your digital assets, ensuring threats are identified and mitigated promptly.

    Incident Response and Remediation: In the event of a breach, our team springs into action to contain the threat, minimise damage, and restore normal operations swiftly.

    Risk Management and Compliance: We help businesses navigate the complex landscape of cyber security regulations and ensure compliance with industry standards.

    Tailored Security Solutions: Understanding that no two businesses are alike, we offer customised security solutions that address the specific needs and vulnerabilities of each customer.

    CEO of Infotrust, Simon McKay " We have united two outstanding Australian cyber organisations into one formidable team with a turnover of $75m and over 110 cyber experts. Our focus will remain on helping customers improve their cyber maturity through innovative solutions coupled with exceptional capability and high quality of service.

    With 650 customers across all industries, we’re well positioned to bring experience and expertise in their field to help them improve their cyber posture.”

    For more information, visit our website at

    About Infotrust:
    Infotrust is Australia's premier Cyber Security provider listed on the ASX, as the largest part of the Spirit Group (ASX.ST1) with a state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre and a team of over 110 cyber security experts, we deliver comprehensive security solutions to protect Australian enterprises from evolving cyber threats. Our commitment to innovation, expertise, and customer-centric approach sets us apart in the cyber security industry.

    Pattigrace Lupari
    Group Head of Marketing
    Spirit Group

  • 28 Jun 2024 4:14 PM | Anonymous

    We are delighted to announce that The RegTech Association is proud to be a Community Partner at Point Zero Forum 2024!

    The Point Zero Forum is an initiative of Elevandi and the Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance to promote a policy and technology dialogue in Financial Services.

    Held annually in Zurich, Switzerland, the Forum convenes central bankers, regulators, policymakers, and industry leaders to address the latest developments in financial technology and the future of finance.

    Across a series of leadership dialogues, public-private roundtables, deep-dive workshops and networking events, the Forum aims to drive confidence, adoption and growth of transformative technology and assess and promote the appropriate governance and risk frameworks.

    Find out more here:

    Register for your PZF’24 Industry Pass (with a 20% discount) HERE

  • 21 May 2024 2:02 PM | Anonymous

    London, Singapore: May 20 2024 - Encompass Corporation, the leader in Corporate Digital Identity (CDI), has appointed Nynke Postma, the founder and ex-CEO of Blacksmith KYC, to its leadership team to supercharge the impact global banks find with CDI.  

    As Head of Business Development for Asia and the Middle East, based in Singapore, Postma will work under the direction of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Steve Hadaway to maximize the potential and value customers experience through Encompass' CDI product propositions. 

    Her appointment follows Encompass’ acquisitions of ING led innovations Blacksmith KYC and CoorpID earlier in the year, which bolstered its efforts to solve the critical challenge of identification and verification of corporate and institutional clients with CDI. 

    With more than 20 years of experience in financial services, Postma’s career to date has seen her hold a number of senior roles at ING, crossing areas including programme and product management, software delivery, and fraud management. 

    Before founding Blacksmith KYC in 2017, a move that saw her relocate to Singapore to build and lead the business’ team, Postma led a strategic merger of daily banking operations in ING’s core markets - the Netherlands and Belgium - impacting 11 million retail customers. 

    Established as part of ING Labs Singapore, Blacksmith KYC was founded with the aim of enhancing Know Your Customer (KYC) processes for the financial industry and allowing banks to configure their Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements within a Digital Policy Manager. 

    Streamlining the data collection process, this unique capability enhances the potential benefits for Encompass’ customers, making it easier for banks to turn their manual KYC policies into efficient automated processes to provide analysts with valuable risk insights from customer profiles. 

    Steve Hadaway, Chief Revenue Officer, Encompass Corporation, said: “I am thrilled to welcome Nynke as our new Head of Business Development, and excited to see her extensive industry background and knowledge bring significant benefits to our customer base. Her passion and vision for Blacksmith KYC led to great success, as she was the driving force behind the growth of a product that brings tangible efficiencies, with the next chapter of that journey only beginning at Encompass. 

    “We are committed to offering the very best, both in terms of innovation and expertise, as we move forward with our CDI mission, and bringing someone of Nynke’s calibre on board is another milestone that shows there is much to be positive about for the business and our customers in the months and years to come.” 

    Nynke Postma, Head of Business Development, Encompass Corporation, added: “I am excited and proud to be able to continue the Blacksmith story as part of Encompass. Having witnessed the possibilities of the platform and the value it holds for banks as we brought the product to life, I relish the chance to take it even further as part of the Encompass team, creating a diversified product portfolio and competitive offering tailored to our customers’ needs. At Encompass, we have all the ingredients to create game-changing outcomes with the delivery of CDI.”

    About Encompass Corporation 
    Encompass enables fast, accurate identity validation and verification of corporate customers and a gold-standard approach to KYC. Our award-winning corporate digital identity (CDI) platform incorporates real-time data and documents from authoritative global public data sources and private customer information to create and maintain digital risk profiles.  

    With Encompass, the world’s leading banks improve customer experience and increase business opportunities through consistent regulatory compliance and risk mitigation. 

    Contact: Cheri Burns | PR & Corporate Communications Director
    +44 (0) 333-772-0002

  • 16 May 2024 2:14 PM | Anonymous

    16 May 2024, Sydney, Australia – LAB Group, a leading international RegTech and Australia’s best-connected onboarding provider, is pleased to welcome Ord Minnett to the LAB Network. 

    Ord Minnett (Ords) is an Australian owned advice and investment services firm, offering financial advice and investment management for individuals, families, businesses and organisations, enabling them to protect and grow their wealth. With corporate origins dating back to 1872, Ords currently has more than AU$62 billion in Funds under Advice (FUA).  

    Ords will benefit from LAB Group’s  Client Lifecycle Management Framework and Application Manager. These solutions provide digital workflows to improve the client journey, accelerate complex client onboarding and securely verify client information. The solution has been successfully operating since December 2023. 

    With Ords also subscribing to LAB Group’s Initiate, Completion and Single Sign On APIs, the solution will incorporate seamless integration to FinClear, Ords’ provider of clearing and settlement services. Please click here for more information on LAB Group’s integration with FinClear. 

    Nick Boudrie, CEO and co-founder of LAB Group, said: 

    “We’re excited to bring our best-in-class suite of digital regtech tools to support Ord Minnett’s adviser and client network. Ords has built wealth for generations of Australian investors as their trusted partner, and we look forward to helping to accelerate and improve their customer journey.” 

    Ord Minnett Chief Operating Officer, Philip Chu, said: 

    “We are pleased to partner with LAB Group and bring their technology into our processes. Integrating LAB Group’s products with our existing platforms will bring significant efficiency gains to our advisers and their teams. We are also pleased to gain the significant connectivity across products and jurisdictions that comes with joining the LAB Network.” 

    For all media enquiries, please contact:   

    Tim Dohrmann, NWR Communications  
    Phone:  +61 468 420 846  

    About LAB Group Services Pty Ltd 

    Where welcome onboard begins. 
    LAB is a RegTech providing an innovative customer lifecycle management platform that revolutionises the customer journey from the very first steps, fulfilling AML/CTF regulatory obligations and multi-party consent whilst saving time and resources by providing a high degree of automation for account creation, remediation and ongoing customer due diligence processes. 

    The LAB platform welcomes tens of thousands of people into hundreds of financial product offerings across over 15 industry verticals, matching applicants with a vast array of market offerings. 

    Connect to more people in more places. 
    Connect into the LAB Network that leverages strategic partnerships and integrations to enhance product origination and distribution. 

    Hundreds of regulated entities around the globe connect through the LAB Network to accelerate customer registration, reduce onboarding time, increase security, and achieve higher completion rates. 

    The leaders in secure onboarding. 
    LAB’s continually advancing platform empowers our businesses to stay ahead of rapidly changing compliance regulations and evolving customer experience expectations. 

    Our hosted solution   provides a fully compliant, end-to-end, multi product digital onboarding process for both simple and complex entities. LAB seamlessly connects and orchestrates digital client acquisition, corporate and ID verification, workflow management, fraud protection and compliance services on a single platform. 

    Become part of the most connected digital onboarding platform. 
    With LAB’s unmatched connectivity, we get you to market sooner through our sector-agnostic integrations and transformational data automation. 

    Discover more at 

  • 13 May 2024 1:39 PM | Anonymous

    Regtech organisations face the constant challenge of keeping up to date with the myriad regulations that impact their business – and the rapid pace of change. Over the last four months alone, there have been over 330 new, amended or repealed obligations impacting the financial services industry.

    Finding regulations is a time consuming manual processes – searching across multiple regulator websites, downloading and scrolling through lengthy Word and PDF documents.

    CEO Bruce Wren commented “We saw the archaic processes Regtechs were forced to adopt to keep up to date with constantly  changing regulation. Digital transformation was long overdue. With Revealr Digital Twin technology, every regulation is accessed as easily searchable web pages. We have enabled real time access to the latest version of every regulation – on any device, and in any language”.

    And RegulationCity is now Ai powered -  enabling users to query and analyse any regulation in a secure, trusted environment. Revealr Digital Twin combined with Ai ensures that Ai queries reference only the trusted source content, delivered without any risk of hallucination, and fully attributed.

    RegulationCity is free for up to 100 pages of regulations and 10 Ai queries each month.

    With RegulationCity, RTA members benefit from a rich list of features

    • Instant search across all regulations in a single pass
    • All related regulations linked
    • State of the art Ai tools to analyse and explain regulatory content
    • Bookmark most frequently used content
    • Receive alerts to change within a day of publication

    “ We encourage RTA members to join – RegulationCity will save time, money, and ensure you always have real time access to every regulation you need” says Bruce Wren.

    Click here to join RegulationCity.

    We welcome your feedback.
    Bruce Wren CEO
    +61 416 100 957

  • 13 May 2024 8:57 AM | Anonymous

    Sydney, Monday 13 May – The Spirit Business Centre, a leading provider of pioneering business solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative new offer aimed at empowering SMB partners to profitably sell collaboration solutions. With this distinctive initiative, partners who have not sold collaboration solutions in the past, can easily enter this lucrative market segment. Traditional business phone systems are quickly being replaced with Cloud based solutions, offering a golden opportunity to capitalise on an emerging trend.  

    The new offer is designed to streamline the process for partners who wish to expand their portfolio by offering collaboration solutions to their clients. Understanding the complexities involved in selling such solutions, the Spirit Business Centre has simplified the process by offering a turnkey solution. Partners need only focus on selling, while Spirit's expert professional services team takes care of the rest, ensuring that customers receive the best collaboration experience available in the market.

    "At Spirit Business Centre, we recognise the immense potential in the collaboration solutions market and understand the challenges that partners face in entering this space," said Sean Connolly-Greig, National Channel Commercial Sales Director at Spirit Business Centre. "With our new offer, we aim to bridge this gap by providing partners with a hassle-free pathway to offer best-of-breed collaboration solutions to their clients. We are finding partners with zero telecommunication experience adding an additional revenue stream by offering high-quality collaboration solutions to their existing customer base while we are paying Industry leading upfront and trailing commissions."

    The key highlights of Spirit Business Centre's new offer include:

    Simplified Process: Partners can effortlessly enter the collaboration solutions market without the need to heavily invest in people and processes to build a collaboration practice.

    Comprehensive Support: Spirit's professional services team handles all aspects of implementation and support, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for partners and their clients. Spirit’s focus on client satisfaction ensures the partner’s clients are well looked after.

    Best-in-Class Solutions: Partners can confidently offer their clients the best collaboration solutions available in the market, led by Cisco’s Collaboration portfolio and backed by Spirit Business Centre's expertise and reputation.

    Cisco’s Director of the Partner Organisation and Routes to Market, Rodney Hamill, said, “At Cisco we focus on developing the best Collaboration hardware and software in the market. To truly create a great customer experience however, we rely on partners to deliver this technology to the SMB market. Spirit’s offering is exciting for Cisco because traditionally, Cisco has worked with partners who possess extensive collaboration experience. With Spirit’s offering, we open our technology to new partners, many with little to no collaboration experience whatsoever.”

    This innovative offer not only benefits partners by unlocking new revenue streams but also enables Australian businesses to enhance their collaboration capabilities, driving productivity and efficiency.

    For more information about Spirit Business Centre's new offer and how partners can get started, visit

    About Spirit Business Centre:
    Spirit Business Centre is a leading provider of innovative business solutions, specialising in collaboration, communication, and technology services. With a commitment to delivering exceptional value and customer satisfaction, Spirit Business Centre empowers businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape. It provides the opportunity to partner with a trusted technology industry and to deliver exceptional service to your customers.   

    For media inquiries, please contact:
    Pattigrace Lupari.
    Senior Publicity Manager

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