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Industry Perspectives: Time to Value

15 Jan 2024 10:08 AM | Anonymous

The RegTech Association has been tracking the time-to-value metric for the last 5 years. Since 2019, the sales cycle has reduced, on average, from 13 months to 8.1 months, showing a promising sign that the eco-system is maturing and RegTech is becoming more critical and BAU. We are seeing RegTech creep up as a key item in the C-Suite and a strong appetite by regulators going forward.

But why is this time-to-value and shorter sales cycle so critical and what are our top reasons that this is an indicator of health and progress?

  1. A shorter sales cycle means everyone wins by getting the productivity, efficiency and trust and safety baked in. This includes customers, consumers, institutions, regulators and RegTechs' themselves.

  2. RegTech companies may find it easier to attract capital if the sales cycle is shorter as this makes it attractive to investors to realise their returns sooner.

We are inviting members to reach out for free presentations on this research, please contact us to arrange.

Alternatively, register for our upcoming #RegTechMatters webinar, where we will be discussing the findings in more detail.

Read the full report here.