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Infotrust - Australia's Premier Cyber Security Service Provider

8 Jul 2024 2:10 PM | Anonymous

Reinvigorating the Australian Cyber Security Market: Following a successful 10 years of growth, Infotrust launches new branding as Australia's Leading Managed Cyber Security Services Provider which incorporates the 10+ years of experience that Intalock brings to the Australian market. With over 650 customers and $75m revenue across mid-market and enterprise, the freshly launched Infotrust will pursue growth opportunities within both public and private sectors, offering a complete suite of cyber security products, services, and solutions.

Sydney, Australia – [Monday, 1st July 2024] – In an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and relentless, Australian businesses demand unparalleled protection to safeguard their digital assets. Enter Infotrust, an agile Managed Cyber Security Service Provider poised to transform the cyber security landscape with its cutting-edge Security Operations Centre (SOC) and a team of over 110 seasoned experts, with a history of protecting a customer portfolio with combined revenues in excess of AUD $21 billion dollars per annum.

The launch is the result of the 2024 merger of Intalock and InfoTrust and the culmination of a long-range strategic plan to provide Australia’s premier cyber security services. InfoTrust was acquired by Spirit Technologies to merge into its cyber security division to form a new business. The scope and positioning are to enhance this dynamic industry by providing unparalleled sovereign security capability that support organisations’ securely deliver their digital transformation goals.

Why Infotrust Stands Out:

Expertise and Experience: Infotrust boasts a formidable team of cybersecurity professionals with decades of experience in securing some of Australia's largest enterprises. Its experts have a deep understanding of the unique threats faced by Australian businesses and are adept at devising robust security strategies with specific focus of Offensive Security and Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC).

Comprehensive Security Solutions: As an agile cyber security provider, we have significantly enhanced Australia’s sovereign capability and expertise through our world-leading SOC, based in Australia. Infotrust SOC operates 24/7 to provide continuous monitoring, threat detection, and incident response. It leverages advanced technologies and methodologies to ensure our customer's digital environments are resistant to attack.

Proven Track Record: With a history of protecting a customer portfolio with combined revenues in excess of AUD $21 billion dollars per annum, Infotrust has a proven track record of delivering exceptional security outcomes. This customer list includes some of the biggest and most trusted Australian brands who have been loyal customers for years and rely on us to protect their critical assets and reputations amid uncertain times and emerging threats.

Commitment to Innovation: Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and so are we. Infotrust is committed to staying ahead of the curve through continuous innovation and investment in the latest cyber security technologies and practices including AI and automation tools and solutions.

Local Presence, Global Standards: As a homegrown Australian company, we understand the local market and regulatory requirements. Our services are tailored to meet these needs while adhering to global cyber security standards, providing our customers with the best of both worlds.

What We Offer:

24/7 Monitoring and Threat Detection: Our SOC provides real-time surveillance of your digital assets, ensuring threats are identified and mitigated promptly.

Incident Response and Remediation: In the event of a breach, our team springs into action to contain the threat, minimise damage, and restore normal operations swiftly.

Risk Management and Compliance: We help businesses navigate the complex landscape of cyber security regulations and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Tailored Security Solutions: Understanding that no two businesses are alike, we offer customised security solutions that address the specific needs and vulnerabilities of each customer.

CEO of Infotrust, Simon McKay " We have united two outstanding Australian cyber organisations into one formidable team with a turnover of $75m and over 110 cyber experts. Our focus will remain on helping customers improve their cyber maturity through innovative solutions coupled with exceptional capability and high quality of service.

With 650 customers across all industries, we’re well positioned to bring experience and expertise in their field to help them improve their cyber posture.”

For more information, visit our website at www.infotrust.com.au

About Infotrust:
Infotrust is Australia's premier Cyber Security provider listed on the ASX, as the largest part of the Spirit Group (ASX.ST1) with a state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre and a team of over 110 cyber security experts, we deliver comprehensive security solutions to protect Australian enterprises from evolving cyber threats. Our commitment to innovation, expertise, and customer-centric approach sets us apart in the cyber security industry.

Pattigrace Lupari
Group Head of Marketing
Spirit Group